The Way of Service
The Way of Service

The Way of Service

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Author: George S. Arundale
ISBN: 978-0-9989271-9-0
Paperback: 75 Pages

It was for all those who seek to serve that the Freemason George Arundale provided these guiding principles. Freemasonry instructs that the greatest among us is the one who serves best. The question remains, however, how does one know how best to serve? Moreover, what does it mean to truly serve? In The Way of Service, Brother Arundale answers — with simple, yet wise, aphorisms — a multitude of questions, which may arise related to service: providing his vision of service gained through decades of laboring for humanity. Arundale explains that true service requires acting without expectation of reward, as well as, a humbling of one's self to whatever work one is called to accomplish.

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