The Prince
The Prince

The Prince

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Author: Nicolo Machiavelli
ISBN: 978-1-947533-14-1
Paperback: 147 Pages

As one of Machiavelli’s most controversial achievements, The Prince served as a political treatise on the manner in which great men obtain and maintain political power. The controversy in this book comes from Machiavelli’s no-holds-barred explanations and exemplification of both the correct and incorrect ways to rule. He explains very plainly why certain princes failed, and why others were excellent at leading their soldiers in battle and ruling the people that they conquered. This discourse was – and to some extent – still is one of the defining works on the different types of principalities, the proper conduct of military leaders, and the model behavior of rulers. If you are interested in understanding some of the less latent and small nuances of governorship, Machiavelli’s The Prince will not disappoint.

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