The Power of Concentration
The Power of Concentration

The Power of Concentration

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Author: Theron Q. Dumont
ISBN: 978-0-9989271-1-4
Paperback: 177 Pages

Mr. Dumont’s Power of Concentration provides a sound rebuttal to multi-tasking as a method of achievement. We must learn the art of concentration in order to manifest our dreams and desires. For, nothing is impossible for the individual who has mastered his own mind. When we assess our current status in life, how many of us look for a scapegoat to blame? If life has been difficult, who is responsible for our failures? To find the culprit, one must simply look in a mirror. For, we are all the masters of our fate. We have the ability to create a heaven on earth or a hell of missed opportunities, rejections, and loss. The power resides within each one of us to succeed in everything we do; yet, we must work to harness the force of creation by learning to concentrate. In this short book the author bequeaths humanity with the knowledge, tools, and practices to accomplish just such a task. Through step-by-step instructions, the reader is led to realize that you have all the powers necessary to accomplish any wish you desire. You may have encountered any multitude of obstacles in the past, which have kept you from fulfilling your destiny to succeed. No matter. Thanks to the lessons put before you, the reader, self-mastery and the inevitable success which follows are now a forgone conclusion. Rise to the occasion and put into practice the lessons contained within these pages. Your reward will be fulfillment and success in any effort you wish to undertake.

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