The Mystic Tie
The Mystic Tie

The Mystic Tie

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Book Masonic
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Why do we hear so many stories of Freemasons helping, taking care of and supporting their fellow Masons even, at times, at the risk of their own personal safety? Simply promising to do so may account for once or twice, but there must be something more to explain so many acts of Masons risking it all to help other Masons. Albert Mackey presents us with a collection of amazing, inspiring and surprising stories of Masons acting to help other Masons and displaying that mystic tie that binds us all. Photographic reproduction of the 1867 edition.

  • Measures Approximately 6" x 9"
  • Written by Albert Mackey
  • Softcover
  • 250 Pages
  • ISBN: 1613422733

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