With the first day of Spring coming in the next week and summer just around the corner, that means we will more than likely be seeing much more sunshine in the near future. While it may seem silly to some, it is actually very important to protect yourself from those rays with a hat, of which we happen to make several. Our collection of Masonic hats is extensive, offering over 8 hats with numerous ways to customize them. We offer more than just Masonic baseball hats, with options including a guide hat and a visor, all while remaining stylish and sporting a Masonic symbol.

All of our hats are incredibly affordable, ranging in price from $12.99 up to $20.00 with free domestic shipping included in the price.

Something that sets our Masonic hat collection apart from all others is the option to customize. We offer six different hat styles you can customize. You have the option to choose a different hat color, a different bill color, and whatever design you choose that we offer. We also offer a camouflage Masonic hat for the Freemason hunter, also with the option to choose an embroidered Masonic design. For those who love the outdoors, we also offer a Masonic guide hat, offered in three different colors and with embroidered Masonic logo options to choose from. With the option to customize your Masonic hat, you will be not only stylish but also unique.


Outside of our custom options, we also offer two different Masonic hats already embroidered and ready to ship out. Made of high quality materials and priced very reasonably, these striking black and white hats sport the Masonic Square and Compass, in either gold or silver. These great looking hats are a steal for only $20.00.


For those who love a good baseball cap, our Custom Masonic Baseball Cap is the perfect choice. This hat is offered in six different color combinations, including Black/White, Forest Green/White, Khaki/Navy, Navy/White, Red/White and Stone Grey/White. In addition to all of these color options, you also have the option to choose from 25 different embroidery options! This incredibly customizable hat is just $12.99, a truly unbeatable price.


For those who prefer a visor over a hat, we also have options for you! Our Custom Masonic Cotton Twill Visor comes in six different colors to choose from, including Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, White, and Stone Grey. This visor also comes with 25 different embroidery choices, totaling up to the low price of just $14.99!


Don't let summer catch you unprepared. Order a custom Masonic hat today to be ready for the sun! Our hats are all located under our Apparel tab, followed by the "Hats/Visors" tab.