The recent season has brought some changes in the selection that the Masonic Exchange has to offer. The Masonic Exchange has introduced a new line of clothing and apparel for the Freemason and these selections range from formal wear to the everyday attire. Many shoppers at the come for the regalia and the finely made ceremonial clothing. They can expect to find the same level of quality in the other apparel items that are now in stock, and the selection is wide with many options to customize each article.

                The formal wear begins with a wide selection of ties to accompany a dress shirt. Each of these ties is unique in regards to their design; each of them has a different scheme of color and attributes. Many of the choices have a square and compass logo patterned together throughout the tie. These patterns are found in different arrangements, styles and densities, each with a tasteful set of colors. Some of these color schemes are subtle and compliment the wearer’s general appearance while others are bold and elegant. The ties even come in some distinguishingly Masonic styles with a Cryptic Council design in a royal indigo that features the emblem in the center, or a Royal Arch tie in a deep red, also, with its triple tau in the center. The patriotic Mason can enjoy the American flag design featuring the Past Master or Square and Compass. There are also some selections of Masonic bowties available, as well.

                Going beyond the fashionable Masonic formal apparel, there are some everyday clothes which are made with quality and designed especially for a unique wearer. Everything from the business casual look to urban styles are on hand and most of these items are customizable to an extent. Masonic hats and visors add that extra touch to the outfit while there are tote bags which are also offered in a variety of styles and colors. All of the clothing items are at a very affordable price for their solid construction. One of the most impressive things about the Masonic Exchange’s selection is that their fitted caps are of such a quality that it is rare to find them at such a low price. They come in a variety of styles and colors on top of the most important incentive; the customer can choose from a large bank of Masonic embroidered designs.

                Among the clothing selections there are cotton T-shirts, business polo shirts, button-down dress shirts and various types of outerwear: Fleece and shells. The fleece outer wear provides the warm comfort of quality fleece material throughout any season, but especially in the winter wonderland. The shell-type of jacket is likely the most desired and used form of outerwear as its design is wind resistant and water repellent. These shell jackets feature an embroidered emblem with a zipper pocket at the breast and are styled in a few color schemes with an off-color band under the arms. The has a Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt and the Fleece Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt, both of course, are also customizable.

                Along with the several T-shirt designs are some of the most unique selections in Masonic art and symbolism. First on the list is a solid black shirt which features a skull and crossbones in the center of a square and compass. Another black T design features an all-seeing eye which is superimposed on a pyramid with rays of light going outward. This design is in white and on top of the fade-resistant black shirt it really stands out. The other T-shirt designs come in white with a black art on the front. There is a white T holding a small logo on the left breast and another with a “rustic” square and compass design. There are three types of polo Ts including polo shirts for ladies. These are some of the most popular selections in the Masonic Exchange’s clothing line which feature custom made embroidery on a jersey or the innovative Blend-Tek material. The button-down shirts come in two styles that also feature a customized embroidery logo at the left-hand side and these come in black or white.

                 Finally some of the items that the Masonic Exchange provides accompany the apparel of the user quite well with the ability to match the logo on the clothing. The Tote Bags, found under the “Apparel” tab, are just the thing to make a perfect match for either the man or lady, as they come in a wide choice of natural colors. Under the Tote Bags is the option to order a specific color; choose a Natural Navy to go with the Masonic Navy Jersey Polo or a Natural Forest to compliment the Green Leaf color of a Quarter-Zip Fleece. Tote Bags are perfect for reducing the consumption of plastic bags and they are affordable, so they’re a great gift for anyone who does a lot of shopping. Match the emblem with one of the clothing embroideries or choose something that a friend or family member would enjoy. An impressive new addition to the Masonic bag selection is the high quality Masonic Briefcase. It is perfect for business as it fits a lap-top and plenty of storage space for other documents. It has a compartmentalized front pocket and a strap to easily carry everything. It comes in black, and like most of the new selections this is customizable. Don’t pass up the offers that the Masonic Exchange has going with some of their best apparel introductions ever.