When searching for the perfect Masonic book to add to your collection, it's often overlooked that there is something most people need when sitting down to read this great literature; a bookmark! While it may not sound like a necessity, it truly is. The Masonic Exchange is aware of this necessity, which is why we are proud to show off our extensive bookmark collection. Located under the 'Gifts' category of masonicexchange.com, we currently offer 7 unique and beautifully designed Masonic bookmarks.

Believe it or not, bookmarks actually have a major part in history, dating back all the way to medieval times. Usually consisting of a small piece of parchment, bookmarks were incredibly important. It was well known that the first books ever printed were very rare and valuable, meaning that they required bookmarks that were well made and gentle on the pages so they could remain in pristine condition. Our Masonic bookmarks are made with this in mind, keeping your Masonic books in flawless condition.

In addition to keeping your book pages safe, our Masonic bookmarks are expertly made with 100% woven polyester thread. While they are thick like that of a canvas, they are also smooth as silk, making them ideal for your valuable pages. These Masonic tapestry bookmarks are stunning to say the least and all measure approximately 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. The best part about these unique Masonic bookmarks? They are handmade. Where else will you find handmade Masonic bookmarks for the Freemason at such a great price? The Masonic Exchange offers these bookmarks from $5.99 up to $9.99. They are a perfect gift for the Freemason who likes to indulge in reading.

These are just a few of our favorite Masonic bookmarks, all including free shipping.

Below is our Masonic White Knights Templar 33rd Degree Custom Tapestry Bookmark, offered for just $9.99 and free shipping.



Here you see our Masonic Holy Royal Arch Custom Tapestry Bookmark, also offered for just $9.99 and free shipping.


Last but certainly not least is our Masonic Eastern Star OES Bookmark for just $5.99 and free shipping.


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, these Masonic bookmarks are the perfect gift for the Freemason in your life, all while remaining affordable, meaningful and practical.