There is a lot of literature out there that dabbles into the teachings and practices of Freemasonry. The Masonic is the home to one of the widest selections of books in the range of things that are Masonic. Many of the selections that are available are difficult to find in other locations. Some of the Masonic books that the Exchange has for sale are hard to find online, yet they are all under one roof and for a limited time, these books come with free shipping.

The selections are vast and they range from formal studies on Freemasonry and the occult to others that are more for fictional entertainment. Depending on what the reader is looking for, just about anything can be found that relates to the mysticism literature. Under the “Books” section on the website, there are a number of categories to choose from which includes everything from the most essential and appreciated works on Masonic history and symbolism to in-depth overviews of layouts and procedures in the higher degrees of the English and Scottish Rites. Among the largest categories of selections is the “Masonic Books” followed by the extensive list of “Metaphysical Books” that the Exchange is proud to host. The Masonic Books are numerous and everyone can find something to appreciate in this category, whether it is about understanding the basic symbolism of Freemasonry or delving into the philosophical ideas that spawned some of the higher practices and greater ceremonies of the craft. One of the best and most widely chosen books for the inquirer is “Brother of the Third Degree,” written by Will Garver. This highly acclaimed novel is written to give the candidate a sense of the trials and tribulations of the true Freemason. It follows the story of Alfonso; a young man who, during the time of Napoleon sets out on the path which the Masters have laid before him. He is enticed by the Dark Brotherhood and tested through the rapture of finding his true love; trials beyond those which most people have ever known.


Among other works in the extensive category of Masonic Books there are several highly acclaimed writings by author and historian Albert Mackey. This notable author is a specialist in various Masonic histories and he presents a robust collection of Masonic history, law and the interpretation of symbols in his “The Symbolism of Freemasonry.” This book is highly recommended for all those who are embarking on the Masonic path. Author Albert Mackey also presents other highly sought-after writings on connections between religion, historical events and Freemasonry. In “Freemasonry and the Crusades,” Mackey unfolds the shrouded connection of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry in an in-depth look at the crusades. His other highly notable works are extensive in volumes such as “The History of Freemasonry,” “The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” among other very informative publications. Albert Mackey is a one-of-a-kind historian and researcher, specializing in shedding light on the history and principles of Freemasonry. His many collections can be found at the Masonic

Along with historical works, there are books on specific procedures of Masonry in a variety of circumstances including legal aspects of Masonry. One of these is titled “Masonic Trials: A Treatise on the Law and Practices of Masonic Trials in the Lodge, Chapter and Commandary, with Forms and Precedents.” Looking at some of the most detailed and essential practices of Masonic law, this work brings to light the purpose and procedures behind legal Masonic proceedings. Published in 1903, author Henry M. Look offers one of the most accurate and unbiased approaches to the aspects of Masonic trials and consequences. This magnificent reproduction is currently available with free shipping and is the perfect gift for the Freemason who is interested in the history and principles of Masonic law.

The metaphysical books that the Masonic Exchange has to offer are numerous, reigning in as the second largest category of books that the has in stock. “The Interpretation of Dreams,” by Sigmund Freud is an example of a masterpiece that most people (especially the Mason) can appreciate. In this work we dive into some of the most scientific approaches to dream interpretation that have ever been compiled. Everything from symbolic analysis to overcoming dream problems are addressed in this book, which is complete with intellectual tools to help the reader determine the source and cause of their dreams. Other works in this category include books that explore alchemy, ancient monuments and temples, angelic wisdom, prophecy, magic and meditation along with many many more. Be sure to look at the other categories of books that are found on the Masonic Exchange’s website and take advantage of the current offers that are being held for online orders. The MasonicExchange.Com is the key to finding an excellent gift for anyone who loves to read.