The Macrocosm and the Microcosm Masonic Poster - [11'' x 17'']
The Macrocosm and the Microcosm Masonic Poster - [11'' x 17'']

The Macrocosm and the Microcosm Masonic Poster - [11'' x 17'']

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From The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall:

Herein is depicted the double, or interlaced, triangle of Solomon, represented by the two Ancients of the Qabbalah: the Macrophrosophus and the Microprosopus: the God of Light and the God of Reflections; Mercy and Vengeance: the White Jehovah and the Black Jehovah. Out of the great Sea of Eternity rise the head and shoulders of the Ancient and Holy One, whose inverted image is mirrored in the Deep. Thus the refection of Deity is ever visible in Nature, but man mistakes the shadow for the substance. As the universe is the reflection of the ANcient One, so the human body is the refection, or inverted image, of man’s spirit, and the interlaced triangles fittingly portray the combination of spiritual and material elements entering into the constitution of humanity. From the point of the inverted triangle formed by the two eyes and the mouth of the Aged One stream the Seven Creative Hierarchies, which are concentrated in the single nature of the Demiurgus, or Lord of the World. From the apex of the upright triangle formed by the eyes and mouth of the inverted face, seven corresponding rays ascend, blending themselves with Reality on the horizon line between shadow and substance. The Seven Breaths from the mouth of the Great Face become the division of Kosmos and their reflections the corresponding divisions of man and Nature. The Seven Powers are one in source and essential nature, but their divergence produces in the realm of Nature the illusion of manyness. The divergent streams are again brought to a focal point in man -- the Lesser Face -- who is therefore an epitome of the agencies and elements of Nature. In the secret doctrine of the Hindus the Seven Divine Breaths are symbolized by the seven-syllabled mantra, A-UM MA-NI PAD-ME HUM.

  • Measures Approximately 11'' x 17''
  • High Quality Print
  • Glossy Finish
  • A Great Masonic Gift!
  • Printed by The Masonic Exchange in the USA

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