While Christmas has passed and it's not quite warm enough outside to call it summer, it's easy to forget about the upcoming holiday being Valentine's Day. At the Masonic Exchange, we won't let you forget. With numerous new products added weekly, our selection of Masonic goods is constantly expanding. Our site, masonicexchange.com, currently has over 15 categories to choose from when searching for Masonic goods. These categories include Masonic Auto Emblems, Masonic Rings, Apparel, Aprons, Books, Gifts, Jewelry, Regalia, Lodge Supplies, Masonic Watches, Officer Jewels, Masonic Chain Collars, Masonic Swords and Knives, Post Cards, Custom Patents and Artwork, O.E.S, Posters and Phone Cases. In every single one of these categories, you will find not only great Masonic products, but also sub-categories to better organize our selection of products that we offer.


When searching for a gift for your Masonic loved one, there are many options to choose from. Our great selection of Masonic jewelry is a perfect place to start. Our jewelry selection ranges from Lapel pins, Cufflinks, Tie clips, Necklaces, Pendants, Tacs, Earrings, Masonic jewels, Masonic trims, Money clips, Masonic sets and studs. Not sure where to begin? Don't worry. Here is one of our favorite Masonic jewelry products;  


Masonic Gold and Blue All Seeing Eye Lapel Pin;

This great pin is just $7.99 and comes included with free shipping.


If you are looking for something more unique than jewelry, the Masonic Exchange has you covered. Recently added to masonicexchange.com is a brand new category for Phone cases. That's right, we now carry Masonic phone cases! We have recently introduced a wooden carved iPhone 6 case. This case is made specifically for the iPhone 6 model only!


Masonic Word Cloud iPhone 6 case;

This beautiful case is brilliantly designed and durable, ensuring your phone will be protected and look great. This case is just $39.99 and comes included with free shipping.


One of our brand new additions to our website is also our line of Masonic T-Shirts. Found under the Apparel, then T-shirts tab, there are over 25 different designs to choose from. These T-shirts are made of high quality 5 oz. heavy cotton, durable and comfortable. It is recommended to wash these T-Shirts inside out to keep the design in pristine condition.  


Traveling Man Masonic T-Shirt;

This great T-Shirt is available in S, M, L, X-L and 2X-L. It is available for just $19.99 as well as free shipping.