While there are many ways to express yourself, especially through your apparel, there is something unique about wearing a tie. Believe it or not, your choice of tie, knot and color can say a lot about you. At the Masonic Exchange, we have a wide array of options to choose from when shopping for your brand new Masonic tie. Aside from having a great selection, the Masonic Exchange also has great prices on Masonic ties. We have numerous colors and patterns to choose from, just take a look!


While some may not know this, the color of your tie is quite powerful. Here are just a few examples; A red tie is said to quickly attract the eye, often used as a symbol of determination as well as authority. It's quite common to see a red tie on a successful business man for this reason, as red is considered a powerful color. Below is one of our favorite red Masonic ties, the Masonic Red Royal Arch Freemason Tie for just $18.99 plus free shipping.


As one of the most popular Masonic colors, it has often been said that the color blue is a symbol of confidence and stability. It's also known as a sign of knowledge, which all Freemasons will certainly appreciate. Blue is said to be a very powerful tie color, just as much as red. While we have several ties featuring blue, one of our absolute favorites is our Blue and Gold Masonic Tie, for just $25.00 plus free shipping.



Another popular and powerful tie color is black, known to symbolize elegance and depth. We also have multiple options when it comes to the classic black tie. One of our favorites, however, is our Black Silk Masonic Tie featured below, both elegant and simple for just $25.00 plus free shipping.



While our Patriotic ties may not be classified as traditional, they are certainly unique. There's no better way to show off your pride both as an American as a Freemason than sporting our popular Masonic Gold Past Master American Flag Tie, for just $20.99 plus free shipping.



These are just a few examples of fabulous ties that The Masonic Exchange has to offer. If you browse around our online store, you will find all of our ties under the "Apparel" tab. All of our Masonic ties are $25.00 and under, all included with free shipping.