Searching for high quality, affordable Masonic Regalia? You have come to the perfect place. The Masonic Exchange has an unbeatable selection of Masonic regalia, and all for incredible prices. When searching through, you will find an abundance of categories to browse through. Our Masonic Regalia category is located on the left side of our site, under the "Regalia" tab. When exploring this great category packed with numerous products, you will see that we have organized our Masonic regalia in sub-categories, making it easy to find exactly what you are searching for. Our Masonic Regalia selection includes Masonic Ceremonial Clothing, Masonic Breast Jewels, Masonic Gloves, Masonic Collars, Masonic Hats, Masonic Sashes, Masonic Belts, Masonic Patches and Masonic Gauntlets. Included with our Masonic Belts is also an impressive selection of Masonic Belt Buckles. While all of our products are popular and well priced, here are some of our favorite Masonic Regalia products we recommend;


Eminent/Past Commander Leather Glove/Gauntlets

Found under the 'Gloves' category under Regalia, these sharp looking white Masonic Past Commander leather gloves are made of incredible quality that is sure to last for years to come. These gloves are heavily padded with insulation and feature Gold Bullion symbols. They also go all the way up to the forearm and fit exceptionally well for most. Normally available for $45.00, the Masonic Exchange has discounted these great gloves to $40.00 with free shipping!


Masonic Square and Compass 'G' Patch


Found under the 'Patches' category under Regalia, this great looking hand embroidered patch is a great accessory or gift for the Freemason. This high quality patch is easy to apply as it is equipped with iron-on backing and measures approx. 3 inches in diameter. This great patch features the Masonic Square and Compass, All-Seeing Eye and 'G' symbol. Pick up this patch for just $5.99 and have it shipped for free!


Blue Lodge Collar

Found under the 'Masonic Collar' category under Regalia, this stunning Masonic Blue Lodge Collar is a must for the Freemason. This Officer Collar is 100% hand embroidered with genuine Gold Bullion thread, as well as complimented by velvet backing. Normally running $100, the Masonic Exchange offers this great Masonic collar for just $75.00 as well as free shipping!


While these are just a few of our spectacular Masonic Regalia gifts, there are over 70 products to browse through! Make sure you take a look at the to explore all of our great Masonic items, ALL including FREE shipping!