Times have changed. Phones have lost their cords, gotten smaller, and gotten bigger again. Many fashion trends have come, gone, and come back again. Watches are no longer found in your pocket on a chain, but rather either on your wrist or on the cell phone in your pocket. Now days it is considered by many to be a rare and eccentric thing to carry a good old fashioned pocket watch. Those who write off pocket watches as an outdated fad are simply missing out on some classic timepieces.


At The Masonic Exchange, we appreciate the beauty found in a classic, well made pocket watch. The first timepieces in history to ever be worn were 'clock watches', sported by those in 16th century Europe. They were worn around the neck but later developed into the traditional pocket watch. Up until around the time of World War I, pocket watches were widely used for not only their classic look, but accuracy and convenience of fitting in just your pocket. Pocket watches were also known as the more masculine watch, compared to the wrist watch. Our Masonic pocket watches may not be those of the earlier centuries, but they are still classic and well made.


With almost ten different designs to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect Masonic watch, either for you or a fellow Freemason. All of our current pocket watches are priced at $19.99, which also includes free shipping. We feature several different designs of Masonic pocket watches, including open face triangular Masonic pocket watches, and classic round Masonic pocket watches that include push button access for convenience.  All of our Masonic pocket watches also come with a beautiful gift box, perfect for storing your pocket watch when it is not in use. We also feature Masonic pocket watches with both gold, silver and a combination of the two for those who want the best of both worlds. All Masonic watches also comes with a 14" chain, allowing you to carry it like a classic pocket watch should be worn. Our Masonic pocket watches are all complemented by a stunning amount of detail put into the intricate Masonic designs, making them more unique than your average watch.


Our Masonic pocket watches can be found under the "Masonic Watches" category on our home page, with their own category simply titled "Pocket Watches". While we are proud of every single watch we currently feature, these are just a few of our top favorites.


Masonic Gold and Blue Classic Pocket Watch, $19.99

This classic watch is stunning to say the least, with a gorgeous gold exterior and striking deep blue color on the inside of the watch.


Triangular Working Tools Masonic Pocket Watch, $19.99

This antique silver finished watch is unique and great looking, the perfect addition to your collection.


Masonic All Seeing Eye Round Pocket Watch, $19.99

This watch features the famous All Seeing Eye, with a classic silver finish and high quality gift box for storage.