For centuries further back than we can imagine, pocket knives have been carried and used in everyday life. Dating all the way back to 600-500 BCE, pocket knives have certainly been established as a useful tool for many different cultures, lifestyles and time frames. At The Masonic Exchange, we realize how many people view a good, strong pocket knife as a necessity and have expanded our selection to include our very own unique line of Masonic pocket knives. Our pocket knives are sturdy and well made, but also beautiful since they all feature Masonic symbolism in different ways. All of our Masonic pocket knives are also incredibly affordable, all remaining under $25. Our Masonic knife collection features both traditional, folding pocket knives as well as a pendant knife and another knife that resembles that of the famous Square and Compasses. No matter which knife you decide on, you will be receiving a high quality knife that shows your Masonic pride.


All of our folding knife blades are made with a high quality, long lasting insignia stainless steel blade that can handle just about any test you put it through. All of our Masonic pocket knives have different features that set them apart, but they are all made of the finest quality materials. Here are a few of our favorite Masonic knives that we feature.


Black Masonic Folding Rescue Pocket Knife- $22.30

This knife certainly lives up to its title of "rescue" knife, with features that could certainly rescue someone in trouble. This knife comes with a high quality 3 inch blade made out of tough insignia stainless steel. This knife also comes with two unique features, a glass breaker and seat belt cutter clip. While this may not seem like something you need in everyday life, it could certainly save someone's life if ever in a serious situation like a car accident. This knife will keep you prepared, as well as looking good. This is also a locking knife, making it not only useful but safe as well.


Masonic Collectible Folding Knife Set- $13.00

While these knives are a little different and more for the purpose of collector's items, they are still a perfect gift to give to the fellow Freemason, or perhaps keep all to yourself. This set of collectible knives come with sturdy, 3 inch blades. This set of knives also comes with a great looking collectible tin box for storage, featuring the words "Making Good Men Better".


Masonic Freemason Square and Compass Knife Pendant- $12.99

This unique pendant is made as more of a collectible gift, but a handy one at that. This pendant looks like your average square and compass pendant, until you pull it apart. Disguised in this brilliant pendant is a 1/4" ticket, 2" stainless steel knife blade. This silver finished metal pendant is reversible, as well as useful in more ways than one.