As we all know, we live in a society where many people are quick to judge, and they judge based off of appearance. One of the most common things people will look to is what sits upon your wrist, being a watch. There are hundreds of different styles, brands, sizes and colors of watches worn by men and women around the world. There are not, however, watches quite as unique as those from The Masonic Exchange all over the world. Most of our OES Masonic watches are specifically designed for the ladies, with elegant faces and bands to compliment the more delicate wrists of a woman. When taking a look around, you will find that our watch collection is incredibly vast, with Masonic watches for every individual Freemason. You will also find, however, that we have a special category dedicated to Order of the Eastern Star, with specific watches located in their own sub-category.


Currently, The Masonic Exchange offers 9 different watches to choose from, ranging from $200.00 up to just $240.00. All of our Masonic Eastern Star watches are also currently on sale, with some of them coming in at almost 50% off! These watches are all made of incredible quality, so this deal won't last forever. We offer watches for the ladies in both metal band styles and leather band styles. All of our Masonic OES watches are Dason-Reis watches, all containing the reliable and popular quartz movement. We offer gold plated, silver plated and two-toned OES watches, giving you many different options to choose from.

Eastern Star Expansion Dason-Reis Watch MSW121TT


Our Masonic OES watches are not only gorgeous but also incredibly well made. All of our watches feature a durable and brilliant sapphire crystal face. The sapphire face is made of synthetic sapphire, which is extremely hard and resistant to scratches by just about any other substance. As previously mentioned, all of our Masonic OES watches also feature a quartz movement. Quartz watches are both reliable and affordable, making them the practical choice in watch movements. Quartz movement watches are primarily powered by a battery, as with most standard watches on the market today.


Eastern Star Expansion Dason-Reis Watch MSW123

No matter which watch you decide is the perfect one, it's a guarantee that these Masonic OES watches are truly the perfect gift for the Eastern Star woman. A perfect timepiece can say a lot about a woman, especially a Masonic timepiece.  All of our watches also come standard with free shipping to anywhere in the US, making them even more affordable!