Often times it is the small things that can bring great satisfaction. Whether it is small gifts or gestures, they often mean the most. At the Masonic Exchange, we understand the importance of “the little things”. With our broad collection of Masonic lapel pins, you have an incredible selection of small, but very meaningful gifts. Our collection features over 80 different Masonic lapel pins to choose from, and our selection is always expanding. Located under the “Jewelry” tab on the left hand site of our website, our lapel pins are easy to find.


In addition to have many pins to choose from, you can also take comfort in the fact that our Masonic lapel pins are of only the highest quality. Each and every single Masonic pin is finished with epoxy paint and clear coating, meaning they will last for a lifetime. This high quality coating ensures your pin will stay looking brand new, no matter how much you plan on wearing it. All of our pins also come with high quality brass clutch backs, ensuring your pin will be safe and secure. Ranging in different styles, sizes, and colors, our pins are simply the best.


While our Masonic pins are already affordable for everyone, we have discounted a large majority of our lapel pins for a limited time. Our lapel pins range in price from $7.99 to $9.99, with the exception of one set of pins. A majority of our pins priced at $9.99 are being marked down to $7.99, so be sure to browse the collection before they go back to their regular prices! Remember, as with all products at the masonicexchange.com, our prices all include free shipping within the United States.


With over 80 different designs offered, it is hard to choose our top favorites, but below are some of our most popular designs from our loyal customers.


Masonic Antique Brass Square and Compass Lapel Pin- $7.99


Masonic Keystone Gold and White Lapel Pin- $7.99


Further Light Square & Compasses Masonic Lapel Pin- $7.99


Have questions about ordering one of our pins? Customization? We’re here to help! No matter what inquires you have for us, we have an answer for you. Our customer service representatives are standing by eager to help in any way that we can. Give us a call or an email; we are available Monday thru Friday, 7am until 4pm every day, Mountain Standard Time.