At the Masonic Exchange, we know that it's sometimes the little things that mean the most. Whether they are for a friend, family member, coworker, or even just a small little gift for yourself, our Masonic lapel pins can make a big statement. Most of our lapel pins measure just around an inch in size, but they are all noticeable and well made. These lapel pins are the perfect way to express your Masonic pride without being too loud. All of our Masonic pins are also reasonably priced, starting out at just $7.99 ranging up to $19.99. Most of our lapel pins have also been recently marked down, making them even more desirable!


Offering over 75 Masonic lapel pins, the Masonic Exchange has an extensive collection and is confident you will find the perfect pin for your occasion. All of the pins sold online at are made of the highest quality, ensuring you will have them for years to come. These pins are all finished with epoxy paint and clear coating for incredible durability as well as a great looking finish. A large majority of our Masonic lapel pins also feature a gold plated finish for an added special touch. Every single one of our Masonic lapel pins also comes with a clutch back so that you can wear it right away.


While all of our lapel pins are unique, there is a large majority of them that come with incredible detail for their size. Others remain simple and especially sharp. No matter your preference, any of our Masonic pins will dress up any outfit, shirt, jacket, bag, hat, etc.


For those seeking more than just one lapel pin as a gift for someone, we also feature a set of Masonic lapel pins with the Masonic General Lapel Pin Set. Featuring different small Masonic aprons, this collection of 12 lapel pins is a fabulous gift for any Freemason.


While we love all of our Masonic lapel pins in our selection, these are a few of our favorites, as well as customer's favorites that we offer.


Knights Templar Seal Crusaders Solomons Temple Lapel Pin, $7.99

This stunning pin comes with a unique antique brass finish and measures approximately 1 inch in diameter.


Masonic Exchange USA Flag Armed Forces Veteran Lapel Pin, $7.99

This pin is certainly for the Patriotic, featuring not only the Square and Compass, but the waving American flag and the word "Veteran" across the bottom.

Entered Apprentice Masonic Freemason Lapel Pin, $7.99

This sharp gold, black and white pin is sure to catch anyone's eye, as it is complimented by incredibly detail inside the famous Square and Compass.