Masonic Gifts and Knives

Hosting a large variety of jewelry, regalia, car emblems and vinyl decals, the perfect Masonic gift is easy to come by. In addition to these several categories, the Masonic now carries a variety of knives and swords which range in style and quality, all of which are built to last. Some of the most intricate and fascinating knives are found under the “Masonic Knives” category. The necklace is one of the most popular in this group, as it is a pendant by day and a short knife by night. This can be worn and used while the person is still wearing it. It comes at a low price.

Another one of the newest intricate designs is the butterfly style Masonic folding knife that features its own way of folding; in-and-out of the form of a square and compass. This model has a noticeable weight that is sturdy and strongly built with a steady feel to its folding mechanism. Having a pocket knife comes in handy more often than not. The Black Masonic Folding Rescue Pocket Knife is the ultimate tool for emergencies and a handy item for leisure. This folding pocket-style knife comes with a seat belt cutter and that can be used for twine, fishing wire and other utilities. It has a serrated edge near the base of the blade and a smooth, sharply angled touch at the tip. This balanced and sturdy knife features a glass breaker at the base of the handle, as well, making it the perfect companion in a sticky situation. The feel of holding it is very natural with its balanced modern design.

Similar to the Black Masonic Folding Rescue Pocket Knife, the 5 Inch Blue Masonic Knife comes with a fashionable Masonic medallion in the center of its handle. This five-inch design is effectively the perfect pocket knife to have in the car or even when on a camping trip. It is sturdy and it features a clip on the back to secure it to a belt or pocket. For the collector in your family, there is a Masonic folding knife set that is priced relatively low for its high quality design. These two feature several tools and an All Seeing eye, which are inscribed into the handle, while the metal medallion of a square and compass reside at the top of this shiny pocket knife model. This comes in a specially designed box featuring art and a quote. At such a low price including shipping, there has never been a better time to pick up one of these selections. All of the Masonic Knives come packaged in a box; simply use a bit of wrapping paper to turn them into a memorable gift!

This Valentine’s Day, get your lover a gift that they will remember and cherish for a long time. The Masonic Exchange is the home of the best jewelry selections for him and even her. A Masonic watch or time-piece is a memorable and very stylish choice. For the Masonic woman, a set of Eastern Star earrings are available in the highest quality 10 karat gold. The Freemason will appreciate some of the less-common knives selection that the Exchange has to offer, which are found under the Masonic Swords and Knives category. All of these are found at an excellent price, like the Masonic hunting knife which is a solidly built, quality blade. The collector will be thrilled to see the Commemorative Masonic George Washington Gold Knife which comes in a high quality encasement for proper storage and display. The Masonic Founding Fathers Indian Knives are a gorgeous set to have on display and to use at any time.

Don’t forget to check out the wide selection of formal or collectible swords that are available from the There are a huge array of Knightly designs and art choice to pick from. All of the selections are of the highest quality making with precise handwork and precious metals. Looking at some of the Knights Templar Swords there is a noticeable difference among each of the fourteen selections. The handle will come with a specific type of art and, just above that, there is an intricate designing in the metal and each are very unique.