It's finally that time of year again. The temperatures have officially dropped, the malls are long with lines to see Santa and the gift giving season is now upon us. When pulling into any shopping center during this time of year, it's almost a guarantee you will be frustrated by not only crazy parking lots and crammed stores, but you also can't find exactly what you are looking for. This only leads to an even more stressful holiday shopping season, just about completely defeating the purpose of the joyful time of year. We, however, at The Masonic Exchange have some good news to take stress off your plate this year. Our online store is packed full of fabulous gift for the Freemason in your life, all at a great price and with free shipping. Yes, that's right, free shipping. One of our most popular categories for gifts is our wide selection of jewelry. From Masonic lapel pins to necklaces, tie clips and cufflinks, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect gift this holiday season. We also feature Masonic Jewels, trims, earrings, money clips, studs and pendants to win over everyone. 

 As the holiday season has been approaching, we took some time to update and add to our Masonic Jewelry collection, most notably our cufflinks, lapel pins and necklaces. All of these categories of Masonic jewelry have the perfect options to make the perfect holiday gift. As stated before, every single one of these products is accompanied by free shipping, as well as quick shipping in time to get there for the holidays. All made of the finest quality materials, we are sure you will be stunned by the beautiful Masonic jewelry we are proud to feature throughout our website. You will also find more jewelry features under our O.E.S category, including stunning rings, lapel pins and pendants. Below we are proud to feature some of our favorite and top selling products for wonderfully affordable prices. 

 Featured here are some of our brand new Masonic Gold Cufflinks with Rhinestones for just $14.99 
 Below here is one of our brand new Gold Masonic Square and Compass Letter Gold Lapel Pins for just $9.99 
 Here is one of our updated Masonic Necklaces, a Scottish Rite Rose Croix Cross 32nd Degree Pendant Necklace for just $9.99