Do you know a fellow Freemason with a birthday coming up? A big event? Perhaps you just want a way to say 'thank you', or maybe a gift 'just because'. Whatever the reason, we at The Masonic Exchange have one of the largest selections of high quality Masonic gifts at incredibly affordable prices. While just about anything from our store can be given as a gift, to make things easier, we have dedicated an entire section of our site to Masonic gifts. Our Masonic gifts can be found located on the left hand side of our website. Under this broad gifts category, you will find even more Masonic gifts split into 9 different categories, making everything easy to find. These great categories include Cards, Keychains, Coins, Bookmarks, Pens, License Plates, Belt Buckles, Mouse Pads and Shot & Firing Glasses. With so many gift choices to pick from, it's a guarantee you will find the perfect Masonic gift.


With such a broad selection of Masonic gifts, the possibilities are simply endless. If you want to send a Masonic card to a fellow brother, we have our beautifully made Masonic Blue Square and Compass Card for just $10.99. Sent along with the card can also be a Masonic pen, either a simple silver pen, or a Masonic ball point pen with intricate designs for just $30.00.


Also a part of our great Masonic Gifts collection are our well made Keychains. With over 12 different Masonic Keychains to choose from, you will have a hard time picking out just one. Thankfully, though, our Masonic keychains are affordable, so you don't have to just pick one. Most of our keychains are priced at just $7.99, while our most expensive keychain is $10.00. On top of being incredibly well priced, our keychains are also much more durable than the average keychains. They are not only with an epoxy paint, but also a brilliant finish to keep them looking new even after being on your keys for years. There are keychains for everyone, including Past Masters, OES, Scottish Rite Masons, Knights Templar Masons, Royal Arch Masons and so many more.


If you are still browsing around, you will be pleasantly surprised by the size of our Masonic Gift Shop, with too many more products to name. Whether you are seeking a Masonic Shot Glass, Masonic Bookmark, or maybe even just a Masonic Square and Compass Shot Glass to spruce up your glassware cabinet, The Masonic Exchange has a great selection. If you are seeking a gift that you do not see or simply have questions about getting a more personal, customized gift made, do not hesitate to ask. We are available Monday through Friday to guide you through your Masonic Gift purchase!