Masonic Exchange: Jewelry


Specializing in a variety of Masonic clothing, regalia and products, the Masonic Exchange is the host of the widest selection of quality materials. Among many of the most prized and unique groups of products is the wide selection of jewelry in its many forms. The Exchange has, on hand, categories of jewelry ranging from items such as lapel pins and trinkets up through custom designed precious metals, wrist watches, earrings, and things of that nature. Much of the jewelry that is listed on the Masonic Exchange website is found at a price that beats most competitors’. With the professional quality designs of the pieces that are available, these items hold fast to their good condition over a prolonged period of time. There is a vast amount of selection available in a number of categories and almost anything can be found in the realm of Masonic designs.


Some of the most desired items are the little things. That is why the offers more selection in Masonic lapel pins than any other single distributer. Something can be found for everyone in this category with designs that cater to those who appreciate the complex artistic pieces to something simple and tasteful. The Square and Compasses lapel pin is a great template to begin with. This type of design comes in many different color schemes and most feature the ‘G’ in the center. A “Working Tools” design is an elegant choice, a more elaborate “Double Column” piece offers an interesting depiction and several U.S. Flag-colored Masonic pins bring out the patriot in the wearer. Many of the Lapel Pins depict the Teutonic or Maltese cross including some “Cross and Shield” types and some Knight Templar pins. The Exchange has an “Officer’s Jewels” pin set while other Orders and Rites are represented in the designs including York and Eastern Star lapel pins.


Necklaces and chains are a unique addition to the overall category of jewelry and wear. Recently some new additions have been introduced including the gold Masonic Dog Tag which has an elegant array of gem stone-like pieces along the square and compasses while the black and silver Dog Tag holds a more sleek appeal in its design. Other pieces like a Tools and Trowel, Double Headed Eagle and 32nd Degree design are available, as well. When it comes to fine dress, the Exchange has the perfect additions to the refined man. Nothing compliments formal wear quite like a tie clip and cuff links. There are several sets of jewelry additions to a formal outfit and most of these include the basics like the cuff links and tie bar, but many of the sets also have a tie tac and a group of four Masonic studs. These sets tend to be made with precious metals; most of which are gold-plated and vary in price, however, currently the sets are on sale at about a fifty percent discount. These sets are an excellent choice for those who are looking for quality, and with the several designs available, the wearer can enjoy the unique and refined look of the Freemason.


Abundant in the line of Masonic jewelry, offered by the Masonic Exchange, is the selection of timepieces. There are several categories where these can be found including everything from the classic pocket-style watch to the modern wrist watch. The timepieces which can be found in the Blue Lodge category are numerous and there are various color schemes and designs to choose from. Leather wrist strap watches have a classic formal look with choices in a black face with bright golden metal encasement and golden hands while the leather-strapped white-faced watch offers more of a subtle appearance with its silver body and square and compasses design. The metal wrist bands are a sharp and noticeable look and there are a ton of designs to be found in these types including in the category of Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, Past Master and the Masonic Exchange offers several watches in the category of Shrine Watches, Knights of Columbus and Eastern Star. There are even desk clock and pocket-styles offered at a surprisingly low price for those high-quality items.


The Masonic jewelry items and sets that are offered by the Exchange are the perfect compliments to a refined and stylish look. One of the greatest benefits to the selection among the different types of jewelry is the wide range of styles along with levels of quality and intricacy. The ring selection is an excellent example of this: The stainless steel rings are a beautiful and affordable selection for a personal or a gift item and their designs are numerous. The higher quality rings are made with solid gold or white gold and come in vast selections. Options to customize aspects of the different rings are available and these also range in price. Placing an order for these many jewelry items is simple and the is a comprehensive site that lets the user browse through the selection quite easily. Currently at the Masonic Exchange, shipping on these jewelry items is free of charge, so now is a great time to add something to the personal collection of style.