One of the wisest ways to shop is to shop online. Just about anything can be found on the web, but when it comes to Masonic clothing and regalia, the Masonic Exchange is the one-stop-shop. The houses all of the necessary Lodge items including finely crafted clothing items and wear, all at surprisingly reasonable price. The Ceremonial Clothing section hosts items for both men and women, all of which are carefully made to last. Swedish-made and very comfortable, the Men’s Swedish Knit Suit can be ordered just like any other suit that can be found in the store. The shopper can specify the sizes from the shoulder width, long or short fitting in the sleeves, and athletic or wide fit round the waist. These suits maintain their level of comfort throughout its wear, and the user can be reassured in knowing that this set of garments is easy to care for. The Men’s Swedish Knit Jacket will benefit from being taken to the dry cleaner and having been pressed. This Men’s Masonic Jacket is also washable, however, and can be pressed and iron from home to keep that crisp and clean appearance.

The Masonic Swedish Knit Jacket is complimentary to the slacks which have been woven to match flawlessly. These Masonic Slacks, much like the Jacket, are extremely comfortable and they will retain their crisp look with the proper care and treatment. Not to mention, the Slacks are also washable and can look just as good as new if taken care of properly. The Masonic Exchange offers a huge variety of jewelry, such as the Masonic Cuff Links selection, which would go perfectly on formal wear. Lapels are a must and the Masonic Exchange has an expansive category featuring Masonic Lapel Pins. 

The Women’s Gown is a special selection of the Ceremonial Clothing category, as it is woven to provide long-lasting comfort. This Masonic Gown is designed, much like the Swedish Knit Jacket, to fit the form of the body. Its comfort is derived from its fabric layout and the consideration of a little extra room (where needed). It is ordered much like the Jacket, as there are choices from Small to Extra Large. This Gown will retain its luster for a long time when well maintained.

Each of the Ceremonial Clothing garments need shoes to complete the look and the Men’s and Women’s Ceremonial Shoes provide comfort and support while lasting a long time. They are made with high quality materials as to give the feet a sturdy foundation. They are not easy to wear-down, by any means, and they come with a stay-clean liner. All adult sizes are available and with free shipping, these shoes are less costly than those in brand name stores. Each pair of shoes comes with a set of shoe-carrying bags, to protect them from being scuffed while traveling. For the men, don’t forget the Masonic Tie and Belt, or Suspenders. These are made to exactly match the Swedish Knit Suit. Other options for Masonic Ties are available, with a huge selection of designs. Any color scheme can be matched when shopping for something specifically Masonic. Under the Apparel tab is an entire selection of different styles which compliment any formal wear. These include the Red Royal Arch Freemason Tie, Purple Silk Masonic Tie, and Past Master Ties. There is also a category which is dedicated to Masonic Bowties and any of these selections would make a perfect gift for a special man.

In addition to Ceremonial Clothing, the now features more everyday wear. These designs are very rare, especially when it comes to clothing, but now they are available and on sale, right now. For something that is a bit less formal, but still holds a dignified appeal, the Masonic Exchange has Button Down Shirts which feature a custom logo on the left-hand side. These are also available in many different graphic choices and they have a long-lasting comfort. If you are looking for some casual wear, choose from an enormous selection of Masonic T-Shirts, with artwork of all types. Some come with a Square and Compass and others with the George Washington Eye within a triangle. Choose from a few different sizes. The Exchange also offers Masonic Custom Mesh Tank Tops for men and Masonic Ladies Fit Tank tops for women, each with a selectable design at the breast. Right now, all Masonic T-Shirts and their graphic logos are available with free shipping. Don’t forget that the Masonic Exchange has Fleece and Outer Wear for the seasons that are not so sunny. The hosts some of the best in gift ideas for any person, browse through the categories today!