With the cooler temperatures and holidays now passed, there really is no better time than now to curl up in a blanket and sit down to read a great book. The question often asked is, what kind of book? Good question. Since the Masonic Exchange has an incredibly extensive selection of Masonic items, we made sure to have a large library as well. When taking a look on masonicexchange.com, you will find a category located on the left side of the site titled "Books". Upon browsing our book selection, you will notice there are numerous sub-categories for different types of Masonic books. These sub-categories include Masonic Books, Scottish Rite Books, Metaphysical Books, Rosicrucian books, Fiction and Literature, Masonic Bibles and Co-Masonic Books. Since our selection is so extensive, you are sure to find just the book you are searching for. Here are some of our favorite Masonic books;


Masonic Words and Phrases

This book, by William Denslow, is a rare find. It is a true collector's item. It is out of print, but this version is a brand new, re-typed edition. From when it was first published up until now, there have been very few editorial changes to the book. There have also been corrections and additions included in this newly typed edition. This book is a must have for any Freemason wanting to explore Masonry. This book can be found under the "Masonic Books" category of the Masonic Exchange website.


Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

This book, written by Charles T. McClenachan, is a softcover 616 page masterpiece. This book expertly covers the details of the Scottish Rite, including all of the Scottish Rite degrees. This book is a photo reproduction of the original version, written in 1884. This book is an absolute must for any student of the Scottish Rite. This book can be found under the "Scottish Rite" sub-category of the Masonic Books category on the Masonic Exchange website.


Masonic Deluxe Bible

This Masonic Bible is a deluxe edition, making it an absolutely perfect gift for the Freemason. This bible is swathed with a dark blue leather cover, with a gold embossed square and compass on the front. This Masonic Bible covers every important Masonic reference you will want to know. It's an essential addition to your Masonic library. This book can be found under the "Masonic Bibles" sub-category of the Masonic Books category on the Masonic Exchange website.

While these are just a few of our books featured on the Masonic Exchange website, they are great selections and necessary additions to your Masonic library. These books are also affordable, accompanied by free shipping, as always. Browse through our entire Masonic Book selection to find exactly what you are looking for. These books are great to purchase for yourself, or they make great gifts for your fellow Freemason.