Blue Lodge Rings

There are very few locations from which to buy the best Masonic supplies and wear. More than that, the has the widest selection of Masonic jewelry and that can be found on the net, all under one roof. The Masonic Exchange provides a huge selection of gold and platinum jewelry, with one of the largest categories being the rings. Under the Masonic Rings tab there are a number of different styles, orders and rites represented in the many designs that are offered.

The “Masonic Blue Lodge Rings” is the largest category hosting ten pages of selections, totaling to well over two hundred design styles and ideas to choose from. This provides its benefits because the Blue Lodge rings can be gifted to anyone or appreciated by the buyer alone. Even by looking at some of these designs the viewer can tell that they are well worth the buy; as each ring is built with some of the most quality precious metals and priced at a bargain. A very many of these rings come with the choice between some fine metals like the 10k Solid Gold.  A ring stone can be placed on the top of the rings and it is up to the shopper to choose various color and style customizations. One example of the high quality choices that are fitted with a gem stone is the Masonic Blue Lodge solid gold, in the 10k or 14k mould with a gem in the top-center. This gem comes in the choices of any one of twelve birthstones. Choose from Garnet and Amethyst to Topaz and Turquoise and everything in between, including diamond or ruby. This ring can be found by searching for its call number: GLC606BL. Its relatively straight-forward design with a solid gold build is sharp and simple; it features some subtle Masonic designs on either side. This ring is also available in white gold.

Something that is in the same price range but a bit more outstanding is the Masonic Blue Lodge HOM596BL which is a much different shape. It is more square-like and it features a Masonic Square and Compass on its face and a sleek, sloping side with some emblematical tools. Each of these featured designs is surrounded by a “block” attribute with its textured border. This particular selection has the benefit of a bit more choice: Open Back or Solid Back along with 10 karat 14 karat or solid White Gold , fitting the needs of any wearer’s style.

A brand new release is the Masonic Blue Lodge HOM441BL which is somewhat similar to the previous ring’s style and continues with an emblematic medallion on the front, as well as the sides, however, the ring’s face is a bit more rounded at the top and bottom. The art on the sides are added to with a silver medallion surrounding the tool piece. This ring’s borders are also a bit different with a chain link surrounding the top medallion. 

The styles of Blue Lodge Rings that are offered by the Masonic Exchange are seemingly endless and plenty of browsing time could be taken before finding the perfect one. That is why the Exchange has put out some very unique choices in the Masonic Rings category. The Masonic Blue Lodge #MAS2617BL has one of the most solid designs among the first choices and due to its slightly lighter weight this number is somewhat less expensive. Especially with the prices slashed in half, at the current time, these rings become more than just a fashionable piece. The MAS2617BL is made with a completely solid build and its art designs sort of stand out with their texture: The top features an equidistant cross and the sides run along with artful impressions and a detailed border.


Everything is available, from simpler, solid gold ring featuring a gem at the top center to the most complex in art designs with a sturdy and heavier weight. A neat and unique ring is the octagon shaped face such as in the Masonic Blue Lodge MAS812BL. This one is an instant classic as it is unlike any other. A larger, more solid ring is the popular GLCS1181PBL which features the words “Free and Accepted Mason” engraved across the top which surrounds a medallion. This choice selection comes in the 10 karat, 14 karat or solid White Gold options, as well. Of course with any of the ring selections there is the option to choose a size. These are just a few of the Blue Lodge selections which, as mentioned, cover a vast amount of choices in the highest of quality in ring jewelry. The is proud to host such a vast selection of rings and these range in price starting at around five hundred. Typically these rings are much more expensive but right now their prices are slashed in half. Depending on the quality, the Masonic Blue Lodge rings can be heavier and more saturated with gold. Many of the most valued rings can be found throughout the various Blue Lodge ring selection pages at the Masonic