No matter what kind of vehicle you own, it can never hurt to spruce it up with an auto emblem. At The Masonic Exchange, we had an incredibly wide variety of both classic and modern auto emblems to choose from. Because we take so much pride in the quality of our Masonic treasures, it’s not surprising that our auto emblems are of the highest quality. When browsing around the , you will find the “Masonic Auto Emblems” category located on the left-hand side of our website. Under this category, you will find our auto emblems broken into “Modern” auto emblems and “Classic” auto emblems. Simply put, our Modern auto emblems are more detailed, as the Classic emblems are simpler.

 Between our Modern emblems and our Classic emblems, there are more than 75 different styles to choose from, all very affordable. Our emblems range from just $4.99 up to 11.99. In addition to the Masonic Exchange having such a wide variety of emblems, we also add to our collections on a regular basis. Below are some of our most recently added emblems;


Masonic Exchange Shriner and Shrine Rhinestone Auto Emblem -$11.99

This is our most expensive emblem we offer, yet it is still very affordable. This emblem is complimented by a collection of rhinestones, giving it an extra shine in addition to the brilliant clear coat finish.


Forget Me Not Blue Flower Auto Emblem -$8.99

This 2 inch emblem is a representation of a historic symbol, making it even more special!


Masonic Purple Grand Master Auto Emblem -$9.99

This brilliant purple emblem is certainly grand, with gold accents and the text “Grand Master” along the top.


All affordable and beautifully crafted, these emblems, along with every other item on the ,come with FREE shipping anywhere in the US!

As we said earlier, all of our auto emblems are of the highest quality. Our modern auto emblems are made of a heavier metal than most emblems, allowing them to be extremely durable. In addition, every single one of our auto emblems is finished with epoxy and clear coating, making the finish on every emblem flawless. Every Masonic emblem is also equipped with an adhesive backing for an easy application to your vehicle. The best part? When removed properly, this adhesive backing will never damage your vehicle’s paint! For any questions about our Masonic auto emblems, application or removal, don’t hesitate to email or call us! Monday through Friday we are here and eager to help with your purchase of fine Masonic goods.