Looking for a one-stop shop for the best in car decals, auto emblems and accessories? Luckily the Masonic Exchange is the host of a huge selection of these types of automobile decor. Specializing in wide range of Masonic art designs, the MasonicExchange.com has car and auto emblems that are appropriate for any seeker of light. They begin with one of the most popular selections in the Classic Auto Emblems with a number of orders and rites being offered in unique and tasteful designs.  This expansive section is loaded with styles like the classic Blue Lodge 3” emblem which has received a lot of good reviews, along with the very popular Eastern Star auto emblem. Another features a simple square and compass design with a chrome finish; this emblem is quaint and to-the-point. A similar one is depicted on a small circular 2” plate with black background and chrome finish, as well. The more intricate art works depict the square and compass formation which is surrounded by tools and an eye at the top with rays of light coming down. Another Masonic Classic Emblem is a 32nd degree which, like most of the others, comes in a couple selections of color style. All of these mentioned Auto Emblems are priced competitively low and with free shipping it is easy to go wild.


Moving on to some of the other emblem designs there are those for Order of Odd Fellows, Templar Knight, Shrine/Shriner and York Rite. A couple of very good-looking choices are the Masonic York Rite Keystone Auto Emblem Decal and the York Rite Templar Royal Arch decal which show off their respective degrees symbols. One of the greatest things about these designs is they are detailed and lightweight with a strong adhesive that lets the user put it anywhere on their vehicle without worries. In addition to these several selections there is a shapely Masonic Chrome Past Master Auto Emblem which is detailed with etched carvings and a sun in the center.


The Masonic Exchange has recently introduced some of the highest quality auto emblems around. These are the modern decals and they are found under the Modern Auto Emblems link under the Masonic Auto Emblems tab. Holding one of these is a bit different than the others; they are manufactured with a heavier metal base and most of the designs feature its shiny metallic touch in the lettering or other attributes of its art. Aside from the usually designs, these high-quality emblems often feature a circular layout with some scrip across the top and/or bottom along with a art piece or emblem in the center. One of the most popular choices is the Prince Hall (PHA) Free and Accepted Masons and it is a bronze appearing solid piece with a black background behind the lettering. Its center displays a gold square and compass with a blue background among the ‘G’. There is an even more decorated version of the PHA auto emblem which brings out the luxe in this modern style of decal. Other styles represent different orders and rites. For instance: The Order of the Eastern Star has a similar layout. Also the Masonic Lone Star Grand Guild Heroines is a beautifully-made and unique piece with cross and crown. Other selections include Blue Lodge, York Rite and Scottish Rite variations in these attention-grabbing car emblems including a popular one featuring seven liberal arts or a 33rd Degree Salem Cross for the G.I.G. Each of the Modern Decals are of the utmost strength in their build which makes them a long-lasting and durable piece for even the most picky of placement choices. The solid metal does not rust and the artful designs remain in-tact for the duration of their life.


More than any other single distributor, the MasonicExchange.com is home to a gigantic selection of Masonic vinyl decals, as well. These types of car decals are essentially high-quality window art stickers which are easily applied to the vehicle as they come with a set of application instructions. Any Freemason can appreciate the selection that the ‘Exchange has to offer because there is no “one-style” that fits all. Under the “Car Decals” link, the user can browse through several pages of these decals, finding everything from Scottish Rite decals of a wide variety through basic and complex symbolism. There are even some ancient symbols which are not found in other large distributor’s websites. All of these come with free shipping and combining orders for one buyer is no problem, so they can receive each item at the same time. The highest quality in auto emblem designs is found in the products at the MasonicExchange.com as they strive to make a solid level of satisfaction at a bargain of a price. Start browsing the selection today to see what is new in stock.