The Masonic Exchange is home to a wide selection of Masonic regalia offering high quality products across the board. As one of the leading providers of ceremonial clothing, supplies and jewelry, the Masonic Exchange strives to uphold its high standards and continues to be the leading choice among other suppliers through its quality products, as well as a friendly and responsive customer service division. The Exchange houses a large variety of regalia that is compatible with a number of different Orders and Rites and above all, their prices are competitive. There is a wide selection of jewelry for the Freemason and some of the finest and most unique designs can be found in the selection of rings and high quality metals. Many necklaces, lapel pins, cuff links, pendants and other types of Masonic jewelry and wear can be found through the website and even high-end auto decals for those who want to decorate their vehicle. Some of the finest choices in regalia are available with free shipping and the selection of Aprons their designs is vast.

Several different aprons have been added to the options throughout the past few years and now, more than ever the Masonic Exchange has a large availability. Several different versions of the Blue Lodge aprons are in stock including E.A., F.C. and M.M. in various styles, and that includes those of the Installed and P.M. ranks. Grand Lodge Aprons are also available through the Masonic Exchange. There is no reason to turn away in the event that a specific Apron cannot be found. Some Lodges do not use the same types of Aprons as their local Grand Lodge or the mainstream types and, for that, the Exchange provides a cost effective solution: For a low additional price, any apron that is listed on the website can be customized to suit the needs of practically any Lodge.

The has an easy-to-navigate website layout. Under the “Aprons” tab on the left hand side there are six sub-categories that list the various Lodges, Rites and Degrees under which the Masonic Exchange provides Aprons for. This includes Blue Lodge Aprons, Past Master Aprons, the Scottish Rite, Cryptic Council, Officer Aprons and the Royal Arch Chapter Aprons. What is not necessarily mentioned on the Aprons tab is that the Masonic Exchange also has a selection of Aprons which adhere to the York (English) Rite Degrees and are found among various categories, but most specifically the Royal Arch Chapter and Cryptic Council categories. The Blue Lodge selection is complete with some of the best in quality materials and they are sophisticated in their style and design. Most of the Aprons provided are primarily made of a synthetic lambskin and they are sturdy and robust; designed to handle years of use with minimal vulnerability to wear and tear. 

Looking at the E.A. Apron, it is a pure and unblemished white; essentially flawless and it is designed to whisk away moisture and prevent any build up of dirt or muck through its various uses. This all-white Apron maintains its shape throughout its use and its design dominates over many substitutes of Aprons. It is far from any makeshift version of the same and its price is currently on sale. The various M.M. Aprons generally utilize the same qualities of material and adds the intricacy of this Degree in its general design. The M.M. Apron features a sturdy synthetic lambskin background with embroidery on the front featuring the S… and C...s in gold or another style of embroidery which is made in a brilliant royal blue. The blue ribbon on the outside is surrounded by the same tone of royal blue fringe. The fold at the top features an All-Seeing Eye which is common among most of the Blue Lodge aprons. Another design of this type is the royal blue model with two columns on either side of the S… and C…s and tools are featured in between. Among the many Blue Lodge Apron options are Past Master and Installed types and those come in a variety of quality selections.

Scottish Rite Aprons at the are abundant in their styles and each of these is made with quality cloth, polyester and synthetic lambskin materials. The availability of many aprons of the practiced degrees of the Scottish Rite are listed under its corresponding sub-tab. The Fourth through the Sixth, Eleventh through the Seventeenth and Chapter Rose Croix offer stunning and intricate Apron designs and it doesn’t stop there. The Twentieth, and Thirty Second degree aprons are ready to complete the newly appointed Mason into his next steps in the art. Each one of these variations feature a completely unique design appropriate to the stage of that work. Beautiful as they are, these Aprons are the perfect emblem of the Mason in his journey onward.

Right now the Masonic Exchange is having a sale on many of the items regarding Lodge regalia and there has never been a better time to buy. The Masonic Exchange even features the assortment of Officer Aprons giving each office their own specific Apron design which has been crafted from the same fine materials as the Blue Lodge Aprons. This is a brilliant idea for the complete and regular Lodge as each member can be fully engaged into their position as a worker, and that work is signified in the uniform. A large array of York (English) Rite Aprons are in stock with everything ranging from Mark, RAM and HRA and more generic models with a Triple Tau embroidery and even P.M. versions of the same Rite. Currently, there are two Cryptic Council Aprons available; one featuring the complex embroidered design of gold art work throughout the blue ribbon with the hanging decorated brass tassels from the fold. That model is lined with gold fringe and marked with the insignia of P.M. Also, a basic royal blue and white version of the Cryptic Council Apron is available and currently is on sale for less than 25 dollars. This features the mark of the Cryptic Council on the center of the fold. Anything can be found among the wide selection of Aprons that the Exchange hosts and remember that Aprons are able to be customized for a low additional price.