How to Know Higher Worlds
How to Know Higher Worlds

How to Know Higher Worlds

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Author: Rudolf Steiner
ISBN: 978-1-947533-08-0
Paperback: 196 Pages

In How to Know Higher Worlds, Rudolph Steiner composes a dynamic account of the Western esoteric path of Initiation. He takes us through the process of initiation from the cultivation of the innermost serenity to the development of the inner life. As part of this exercise, he explains the requirements of internal and external self-examination and moral growth. One who is willing to follow these suggestions with the utmost patience and persistence may find revealed the contours of the higher worlds, which had been for so long kept secret from us. You, the reader, can learn from Steiner’s practical and powerful teachings as you explore esotericism and initiation in How to Know Higher Worlds.

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