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It started out simply enough. A young bee named William wanted to pollinate some flowers. The flowers were in the office of a candy factory, and when the factory's janitor sucks William into his shop vacuum, the bee begins an incredible adventure. Inside the vacuum he discovers a town of insects living together peacefully. Soon the insects will be forced to give up their wonderful town. William's beehive is in danger, and they must help it survive a sugar-ant invasion. Their adventures take them on an incredible journey, and will bring them new hope for their community of misfits. An adventure tale with friendship and family, Entopia is sure to entertain and delight readers of all ages and sizes!

  • Measures Approximately 6" x 9"
  • Written by Kevin Noel Olson
  • Illustrated by Jamison Challeen
  • Softcover
  • 132 Pages
  • ISBN 1887560831

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