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Author: Epictetus
ISBN: 978-1-947533-11-0
Paperback: 49 Pages

The Greek word “Enchiridion” is a noun meaning “a book that contains essential information on a subject.” The Enchiridion of Epictetus is a book that truly lives up to the definition, and the subject that it pertains to is life itself. Epictetus was a luminary mind in the age of the Stoics whose wisdom informed his many students, most notably Marcus Aurelius, and is memorialized in the Enchiridion composed by his student Arrian. The Enchiridion, like all of Stoicism, insists that philosophy be applied to life and practiced as the art of withstanding and defeating the ever-present chaos of the Universe. This work is even more relevant today than the writer could ever have foreseen during his own lifetime. It contains essential information for all those who would live a life worth remembering to restore the human spirit to its rightful and resplendent glory.

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