Though it seemed like summer was just yesterday, the decorations in all of the stores are being put up, the days are seeming shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. The coming winter months are approaching faster than we even realize. With so many things to do and so little time, we bet you haven't thought about the upcoming holiday season yet. It is coming sooner than you think, which is why now is the perfect time to look for a gift for the Freemason in your life. Instead of scrambling days before Christmas with no gift in mind, come and take a look at our site at to explore all of our products. Incredibly popular in the past few weeks has been our brand new lineup of apparel. There is, however, a twist. Our custom Masonic apparel isn't just pre-made so that everyone has the same thing in the same color. It's custom. That's right, custom! 

 With our brand new custom Masonic apparel line recently coming out, you will no longer have to be searching for options around the internet because you haven't been able to find what you are looking for. Our custom Masonic apparel is the perfect gift for any Freemason this upcoming holiday season, including yourself! You now have the option to choose from not only different items of clothing, but different sizes, colors, and designs as well. Everyone has different taste, which is exactly why we have decided to customize anything you order from us with the given options for each item. As well as being able to pick a different design on whatever item you may order, every single item comes in a different array of colors. Every custom Masonic apparel item comes in different color options, ensuring that there is a gift for everyone in the family. 

 Broken up into seven categories of custom apparel and accessories to choose from, you will have no trouble finding a gift for the Freemason in your life. Our category options include Masonic T-shirts, Masonic Polo Shirts, Masonic Button Down Shirts, Masonic Fleece and Outerwear, Masonic Bags and Totes, Masonic Hats and Visors, and Masonic Tank Tops. Each item can be customized with one of the following design choices; 

All at incredibly affordable prices, our apparel is made of the finest materials, as well as some of the most striking colors available for apparel. Below are some of our absolute favorite products, perfect for gifts or simply just to spoil yourself.  

Custom Masonic Fleece Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

Perfect to keep you warm during the chilly fall days and keeping you prepared for the winter temperatures ahead. 

Custom Masonic Pima Advantage Twill

Perfect for keeping you looking sharp, all while showing off your Freemason pride