American Anarchy
American Anarchy

American Anarchy

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This is an "edge of your seat" suspense thriller! During the night thousands of Anarchy stickers are plastered all over the city of York, Pennsylvania. Citizens wake to confusion. Just past noon, Anarchist terrorists close all roads in and out of the town with sniper fire. They blow up the police and fire stations, take out power and phone service and slaughter pedestrians with machine gun fire from old cars. The city is then set ablaze by fire bombs tossed into stores and offices. Less than a week later the same events unfold in Florence, South Carolina and five days later Fort Wayne, Indiana. With the nation close to chaos, the President declares martial law and a short time later he is secretly placed under house arrest at Camp David. The seemingly kind and benevolent military leaders have plans beyond the domination and control of just the United States. Only a handful of people know the truth. Who can possibly stop the spiraling events? A Police Chief from a small Indiana town, an aircraft broker from Georgia and a recently promoted maverick FBI agent, against all odds, answer that question.

  • Measures Approximately 6" x 9"
  • Written by Jim Rath
  • Softcover
  • 370 Pages
  • ISBN 1934935522

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